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These candles are crafted with love and smell amazing. The quality of the product is outstanding and I enjoy these candles year round, from summer scents like gummy bears, to fall scents such as autumn, they are a staple in my home. I love that this is a local business and that everything is handmade.

                                     Kirsten Krause

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I recently purchased 5 candles and love them all! The packaging is beautiful and make for a perfect gift! My favourite scent is 'sunshine', with 'emilia' as a close second - I will definitely be a repeat customer :)

                                       Jenna Vander Hoeven

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Absolutely love these candles! The quality is second to none and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve purchased many and will be coming back for more!

                                        Carrie May

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Recently bought the 3 wick Peony Dough Bowl. Love the look and the scent is wonderful. 

                                     Cheryl Greenfield-Tora

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