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At Trim the Wick we are passionate about wellness and self care. Our main focus is to create coconut soy wax candles and at home spa products that are premium quality and hand crafted in small batches.   We only use natural ingredients that are nourishing to your body and kind to the environment.

Our product packaging is sustainable, recyclable and reusable, and we are working towards being as close to zero waste as possible. We believe that by being mindful makers we will be a part of creating a more positive industry.

We are mindful of our environment and the space we live in, we want to be a part of creating a space in which we are helping our surrounding become a better place.

Trim the Wick started as a dream that turned into a passion, I love making every space around me beautiful and peaceful, my home is my sanctuary and candles always help me relax and create an atmosphere of tranquility. I want to help others create their own sanctuary.

 ~ Ana Gomez – Chandler, Trim the Wick


The cork lids are made from what is known as “waste cork”, in our effort to prevent waste and utilize as much raw materials as possible, we are using this cork that would normally be thrown out and using it to make these lids, that also serve as a coaster, as they are heat and water resistant.


We encourage all our customers to reuse the jars once you’ve burned through the candle, the jars are heat resistant, the label peals off easily, and because we only use natural ingredients they are easily washed with warm water and soap.


We use HTP candle wicks, they are a cotton flat braid wick with paper filament throughout, providing the structural strength of a paper core wick. They provide minimal mushrooming and soot.

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